On Feeling Lost

A close friend sent me a piece of Seth Godin wisdom this morning:

Creative people ship remarkable work because they seek to complete something, to heal something, to change something for the better.  To move from where they are now to a more centered, more complete place.
You don't get creative once everything is okay.  In fact, we are creative because everything isn't okay (yet).

I'm trying to build an app that helps people feel better. I'm also trying to fund a startup, stay close to friends that are thousands of miles away, and make a home out of a new city.

It's certainly a lot of work and not easy. There are times where I feel completely lost. But like Seth indicates, sometimes when we're in a tight spot, it gives us the insight we need to move on. While stress can be painful, it is also an opportunity to re-orient.

The Mindset team does an exercise every week where we each share our fears. We're afraid that people will find our app unusable, that the company will run out of cash, that we'll fail to execute a clever marketing strategy. Recognizing what makes us incomplete gives us a chance to focus on what is important. We strive, not to improve upon perfection, but to make the imperfect a little more whole.

- Elizabeth, Mindset Co-Founder, always lost and laughing about it

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